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DuraFab®, DuraLam® and DuraFlow® fabrics are used to manufacture an extensive line of belts and fabricated parts ranging in thickness from .003” to over .060”. Available with fiberglass, Kevlar® and Nomex® substrates, these products are fabricated in widths ranging from ¼” up to 141” (certain fabric styles only). The normal operating temperatures for these belts are from –100°F to 550°F
(–73°C to 288°C). While not all-inclusive, the following are some typical applications for AFC’s DuraFab®, DuraLam® and DuraFlow® belts and fabricated parts:

  • Rotary band sealing
  • Over wrapping/tray packing
  • Manufacture of tortillas, pizza crusts and pitas
  • Baking and cooling of bakery goods and confectionary
  • Cooking and grilling of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables
  • Garment fusing
  • Manufacture of carpet mats
  • Manufacture of specialty wood products
  • Tank seals and contaminant barriers
  • Tissue side sealing
  • Drying of meat, fish poultry, spices, fruit and vegetables
  • Drying and curing of screen printed paper, metal, glass, wood, plastic and textiles

Did You Know?

AFC can perforate belts and fabric up to 100” wide.

PTFE vs. Stainless Steel and Modular Plastic Belting

  • Lower Maintenance Costs: PTFE belts are non-stick and easy to clean
  • Energy Savings: PTFE belts provide better heat transfer and absorb less energy
  • Cost Savings: PTFE belts are less expensive to purchase and, due to their low relative mass, can be operated utilizing a simpler, less expensive pulley and drive system



Advanced Flexible Composites designs, manufactures and markets PTFE (Fluon®) and silicone-coated fabrics and belting, along with an extensive line of pressure sensitive tapes for use in diverse industrial applications worldwide, including DuraFab, Durastick, Durasil, Duralam, Durachef, PTFE, Silicone Coated Fabrics, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes and more.