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Product Description

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh belts are manufactured from woven Kevlar® substrates that have been coated with PTFE. The DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh series is an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications or in drying applications where there is steam or moisture. DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh belts are dramatically higher in tensile and tear strengths. These belts are manufactured from proprietary woven Kevlar® with openings that range from 1/16”to 1/4.”

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Belting Properties

DuraFab® Premium Kevlar® Fabrics are engineered to maintain their unique flexibility, dimensional stability, dielectric and tensile strength, and non-stick properties, while performing under the harshest environmental conditions. AFC’s fabrics are abrasion, tear, puncture, fire and chemical resistant; they also maintain their unique properties under pressure and extreme temperatures: -100° F to 575° F (-73° C to 302° C). DuraFab® Premium Kevlar® Fabrics have received USDA and NSF approval for direct food contact and are FDA compliant (21 CFR177.1550).

Benefits / Applications


Kevlar® is 5X stronger than steel on an
    equal weight basis, but lightweight & flexible
    at the same time.
High tensile strength at low weight
Higher UV resistance than glass
Carpet yarn processing
Textile dryer belts

Experiences no embitterment or degradation
    at –320 deg. F (same with Nomex)
Heavy Duty drying applications,
    particularly where steam is present

Additional applications exist. Contact AFC for more specific information.

Styles Available





of width

Min. Pulley Dia.

Full Widths (in.)

57-27 0.027" Yellow .109 355 3" 84
57-62 0.062" Yellow .313 405 3" 84

*Please note: Additional thickness and styles available upon special order and lead times may vary for different styles and widths.

*Disclaimer: All figures provided in the above table are based upon ASTM D 4969-97, the Standard Specification for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coated Glass Fabric. The above PIW values are based upon the ASTM D828 test method and are not actual values of AFC’s materials. The above tensile values are 80% of the figures provided in Table 6 of specification D579. AFC states that its actual tensile will be greater than the above material specification and that actual tensile values will be provided upon request. Edge Tear values are based upon ASTM D1424 (Elmendorf Tearing Test) and are average values that can vary.


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