AFC materials are an effective solution for releasing composite parts. They reduce maintenance costs and down time related to the resurfacing and repair of damaged and worn molds. In addition, they impart an extremely smooth surface on molded wind turbine blades (shown below) due to their concise PTFE surface structure. 

This provides optimal release, prolongs the life of the liner, and protects the mold from contact with resin. Learn more by downloading our Eterna® 260 Series Brochure here

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product line. The 20 series fabric is engineered to serve a broad range of industrial and...more

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics are specially formulated to be breathable and maintain the non-stick properties offered by PTFE. The pores in the fabric allow products to...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes are manufactured from a woven fiberglass substrate and possess an optimal PTFE coating. The 220 series offers the highest value to users...more

DuraStick® Gold Laminate Tapes

DuraStick® Gold Tapes are specially engineered to maximize application life while minimizing downtime in the most demanding environments. The 225 series of tape is a...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology combine the 220 series of tape with an Eterna® coating. This allows for excellent release properties, with exceptional durability...more