In the steel and aluminum can industry, AFC has partnered with customers to develop solutions that increase efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduce spoilage. 

High Performance PTFE Belting

AFC provides PTFE-coated mesh belting for two stages of the can manufacturing process: internal bake ovens (IBOs, also referred to as internal coating ovens) and can washer dry off ovens. IBOs cure epoxy at temperatures up to 400° F. Our DuraFlow® 27 series, which is comprised of PTFE-coated fiberglass, is designed to withstand demanding oven environments while improving air flow. Kevlar® substrate is used in our DuraFlow® 507 series for superior moisture resistance in dry off ovens. 

Why switch to PTFE over traditional stainless steel conveyors?

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced spoilage (cans tipping over at transfer points)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Elimination of metal particles and grease in the oven
  • Lower belt replacement cost
  • Faster can heat up, cool down and possible higher through-put

Proprietary Seam: Micro-PEEK Spiral

In addition to belting, AFC offers a proprietary seam design for can manufacturing. The Micro-PEEK Spiral seam, comprised of high temperature plastic, is the thinnest option available. It was designed to address two common causes of downtime:

  1. Can tipping often occurs when the gap between the belt and dead plate is too large; a thin seam tightens this space. 
  2. The buildup of a rusty brown deposit, condensate, shuts down ovens for maintenance. Micro-PEEK's easy removal and installation can reduce downtime from hours to 10-15 minutes once trained. 

We are proud to offer continuous support for our customers via field service and technical training. Contact AFC for further information.

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