The electronics industry utilizes AFC's fabrics and tapes in a wide range of applications. The unique properties of PTFE coated fabrics and tapes, such as their excellent insulation strength, chemical resistance, and high dielectric strength make them ideal for this industry. Some typical applications in this industry include insulating coils/transformers, cable wrapping/splicing, and anti-static applications.

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product...more

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics feature a more textured surface than...more

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics are made for the most demanding applications, and...more

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics are specially manufactured to increase...more

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics are formulated to dissipate surface static...more

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics are known for their exceptional performance in a wide...more

DuraFlow® Kevlar Mesh

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty...more

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics are a gold laminate with PTFE coating that...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes are manufactured from a woven fiberglass...more

DuraStick® Gold Laminate Tapes

DuraStick® Gold Tapes are specially engineered to maximize application life...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology combine the 220 series...more

DuraStick® Fiberglass Cloth Tape

DuraStick® Fiberglass Cloth Tape is a tightly woven, high tensile fiberglass...more

DuraStick® Skived PTFE Film Tapes

DuraStick® Skived PTFE Film Tapes is a pure PTFE film with a silicone...more

DuraStick® Extruded PTFE Film Tapes

DuraStick® Extruded PTFE Film Tape is the toughest pure PTFE tape produced by...more

DuraStick® UHMW-PE Tape

DuraStick® UHMW-PE Tape is an Ultra High Molecule Weight film with a rubber...more

DuraStick® Polyimide Tape

DuraStick® Polyimide Tape is a polyimide film with a silicone adhesive...more