The vinyl window industry is a market where AFC has collaborated with its customers to develop solutions for the industry's various challenges. In response to the challenges of vinyl window manufacturing, AFC has developed custom gold laminate fabrics and tapes to maximize weld plate performance. This has lowered maintenance costs and the frustrations associated with downtime. These fabrics and tapes are specifically engineered to maximize product life and have been shown to last significantly longer than the competition.

AFC works with vinyl window companies that are concerned with the costs associated with downtime and frustrated with stopping production to replace process aids.

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DurEtech™ Hybrid Composite Fabric

AFC’s DurEtech™ Hybrid Composites are revolutionary composite...more

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics are a gold laminate with PTFE coating that...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes are manufactured from a woven fiberglass...more

DuraStick® Gold Laminate Tapes

DuraStick® Gold Tapes are specially engineered to maximize application life...more

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology

DuraStick® Industrial Tapes with Eterna® Technology combine the 220 series...more

DuraStick® Hybrid Composite Tapes

DuraStick® Hybrid Composite Tapes combine AFC’s Eterna® technology with...more