DuraStick® Aluminum Foil Tape

DuraStick® Aluminum Foil Tape combines an Aluminum-backed glass cloth with a silicone adhesive that is used in many high temperature applications. The Aluminum backing creates a non-flammable and flame-resistant tape for temperatures over 600°F. Its high heat reflectivity also makes it ideal as a reflective wrap.

Product Data

  • DuraStick® 450-07S

    DuraStick® 450-07S

    Glass Cloth Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape • Part No. 450-07S

    General Information

    Backer Aluminum/Glass Cloth Laminate
    Adhesive System Silicone
    Color Silver


    Total Thickness 0.007 in.
    Substrate Thickness 0.004 in.
    Adhesive Thickness 0.003 in.
    Tensile Strength 100 lbs. /sq. in
    Adhesion to Steel 30 oz. /in.
    Min Adhesive Width 0.25 in.
    Full Width 55 in.
    Elongation Till Break 5%
    Continuous Operating Temperature Range -100° to 500° F
    Total Thickness 0.18 mm
    Substrate Thickness 0.10 mm
    Adhesive Thickness 0.076 mm
    Tensile Strength 175 N/cm
    Adhesion to Steel 50
    Min Adhesive Width 6.35mm
    Full Width 1,397.00 mm
    Elongation Till Break 5%
    Continuous Operating Temperature Range -73° to 260° C

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