AFC is an advanced materials company that is a leader in the development of high temperature, non-stick, flexible composites for aggressive applications. As an engineered materials provider, our products have brought creative solutions to manufacturing companies that are concerned about the costs associated with downtime, product quality, and productivity.

Our materials are primarily PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics, tapes, and belting. Our Specialty Belting Division is focused on the engineering of heat sealers and specialty belting, while our Food Products Group is centered around the rigorous applications of the QSR/Restaurant industry.

AFC Product Lines

PTFE Fabrics

AFC manufactures PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics designed for diverse...…more

PTFE Belting

AFC manufactures a variety of PTFE and silicone-coated conveyor belting. These...…more

DuraStick® PTFE Tapes

AFC manufactures a wide variety of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes that are utilized...…more

Heat Sealers

AFC manufactures various lines of portable heat sealers that are specifically...…more