PTFE Belting

AFC manufactures a variety of PTFE and silicone-coated conveyor belting. These are commonly referred to as process belts, as some sort of change is imparted on the product when conveyed through a heat zone. This includes curing, cooking, and sealing, among others. PTFE-coated fiberglass is the ideal option for high temperature applications (up to 550°F) requiring consistent, clean release.

Our belting comes in a variety of proprietary coating formulas, and can be found under the trade names DuraFab®, DuraFlow®, DuraSil®, and DuraLam®. With a variety of splicesedging & tracking mechanisms, and installation accessories, AFC can provide you with a solution suited for your specific application.

Choosing the Right Belt for Your Application

Our Belt Design Guide demonstrates the steps required when choosing the right belt for your production line.

  1. Select Material Style (see Fabrics)
  2. Determine Belt Dimensions
    1. Width (edge to edge)
    2. Net Endless Length (continuous [closed] belt length)
      1. If existing belt is in good condition: lay belt on the floor and measure from one end of the belt to the other end.
      2. If existing belt is badly deteriorated: center the take-up pulley and measure the path of the belt through the dryer using a tape.
  3. Edge Reinforcements
  4. Splices/Seam Type
  5. Splice Options (can choose more than one)
    1. Flap over and/or under the splice (Mechanical Splice)
    2. Molding over and/or under splice (Butt or Overlap Splice)
    3. Stitched Splice
    4. Stitched Flap
    5. Custom/none
  6. Guiding and Tracking

Sample Belt Design:
Material 27-48, W36" X L240", 1" Sewn and Sealed- Fiberglass, Galvanized Alligator, Flap Over Splice, No Guides

Questions with any of the steps? Contact an AFC representative for assistance.

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