PTFE Fabrics

AFC manufactures PTFE and silicone-coated fabrics designed for diverse industrial applications. Examples include wind energy & composite bonding, flexible packaging, screen printing, textile, plastics, food processing, chemical processing, and electronics, among others. Download our Product/Application Chart for more information. 

AFC's PTFE fabrics are available in a variety of proprietary coating formulas, which are engineered to maximize performance in aggressive operating conditions. Our fabrics can be found under the trade names DuraFab®, DuraFlow®, DuraSil®, and DuraLam®. Whether you are looking for a do-it-all material or fabrics with specific performance characteristics, AFC can provide the solution best suited for your needs.

Not sure if our materials are for you? If your process is exposed to high temperatures (up to 550 °F) and requires non-stick properties, think AFC. Contact us to discuss your specific application and production goals. 

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product...…more

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics feature a more textured surface than...…more

DuraFab® Food Grade Black Fabrics

DuraFab® Food Grade Black Fabrics have been manufactured to combine our...…more

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics couple an Eterna® coating with the balance of...…more

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics are made for the most demanding applications, and...…more

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics are specially manufactured to increase...…more

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics are formulated to dissipate surface static...…more

DuraFab® Ultimate Fabrics

DuraFab® Ultimate Fabrics with Eterna® offer the best value for abrasive...…more

DuraFab® Extreme Fabrics

DuraFab® Extreme Fabrics with Eterna® offer the best value for oily and...…more

DurEtech™ Hybrid Composite Fabrics

AFC’s DurEtech™ Hybrid Composites are revolutionary composite alloys...…more

DuraFab® Kevlar Fabrics

DuraFab® Kevlar® Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty...…more

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics are our most conformable, flexible, and wear...…more

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics are specially formulated to be breathable and...…more

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics are known for their exceptional performance in a wide...…more

DuraFlow® Kevlar Mesh

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty...…more

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics are a gold laminate with PTFE coating that...…more

DuraFab® HD Elite Fabrics

NEW PRODUCT LINE: AFC's most dynamic product line to date, the HD (Heavy...…more

DuraFlow® Hydro Mesh

AFC's DuraFlow® Hydro Mesh is the ideal material for applications that...…more