PTFE Fabrics

AFC manufactures a wide variety of PTFE and Silicone coated fabrics that are utilized in a diverse range of industries, such as wind energy & composite bonding, flexible packaging, screen printing, textile, plastics, food processing, chemical processing, and electronics.

These fabrics come in a variety of proprietary coating formulas that we have engineered for various applications. Our fabrics can be found under the trade names DuraFab®, DuraFlow®, DuraSil®, and DuraLam®. Whether you are looking for a do-it-all, versatile fabric or a fabric engineered for certain conditions, AFC can provide you with a solution best suited for your specific application.

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DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics

DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics are the general workhorse of AFC’s product...…more

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics

DuraFab® Mechanical Fabrics feature a more textured surface than...…more

DuraFab® Food Grade Black Fabrics

DuraFab® Food Grade Black Fabrics have been manufactured to combine our...…more

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics

DuraFab® Advanced Fabrics couple an Eterna® coating with the balance of...…more

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics

DuraFab® Premium Fabrics are made for the most demanding applications, and...…more

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics

DuraFab® Tear Resistant Fabrics are specially manufactured to increase...…more

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics

DuraFab® Anti-Static Fabrics are formulated to dissipate surface static...…more

DuraFab® Ultimate Fabrics

DuraFab® Ultimate Fabrics with Eterna® offer the best value for abrasive...…more

DuraFab® Extreme Fabrics

DuraFab® Extreme Fabrics with Eterna® offer the best value for oily and...…more

DurEtech™ Hybrid Composite Fabric

AFC’s DurEtech™ Hybrid Composites are revolutionary composite alloys...…more

DuraFab® Kevlar Fabrics

DuraFab® Kevlar® Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty...…more

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics

DuraSil® Silicone Fabrics are our most conformable, flexible, and wear...…more

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics

DuraFlow® Porous Fabrics are specially formulated to be breathable and...…more

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics

DuraFlow® Mesh Fabrics are known for their exceptional performance in a wide...…more

DuraFlow® Kevlar Mesh

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty...…more

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics

DuraLam® High-Performance Fabrics are a gold laminate with PTFE coating that...…more

DuraFab® HD Elite Fabrics

NEW PRODUCT LINE: AFC's most dynamic product line to date, the HD (Heavy...…more